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Audio Mastering.
You will hear all kinds of talk about 'Mastering' and how it is an essential part of any audio project. Most of it is entirely true. However there are financial pitfalls for those who are easily convinced it is a 'magic' process. It isn't. It is the simple application of basic common sense and a knowledge the strengths and weaknesses of the various formats. See Why Audio has mastered several projects, either as an integral part of a restoration project or as a stand-alone process. I have the experienced ears to provide a high standard of audio mastering for your project. Whether it is going to vinyl, CD or other digital formats.

Vinyl transfer (minimal or no restoration) to CD audio - very basic editing to seperate tracks, spot declicking where necessary: 20 GBP per 'LP', each additional track 5 GBP. Special rates for singles or compilations - please enquire. No shirking! Use of the best equipment is standard. Results will be very much superior to budget USB turntables and similar. Think about the work involved... you know it makes sense.

eBay / Discogs services: Perhaps you don't need the vinyl after you have it transferred? Sell your vinyl for the highest bid, See Why Audio takes 33% of sale price and absorbs all the costs. You get the rest. (Use this with or without transfer to CD!) For examples see 'Bloggsco' ebay auctions. From whole collections to individual discs.

DVD-Audio high resolution vinyl transfer. (with or without restoration) Hear your records without playing them! From 45 GBP per 'LP' with basic visual menu system. Many additional options available - ask for details.

Record cleaning. Take advantage of the in-office VPi HW-17F record cleaner. Even the most fungussed, dusty grooves might still be a source of pure enjoyment. 1.00 1st 12", 75p up to 10, 50p upwards - shipping not included.

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